Supported Projects

Abogados sin Fronteras Colombia (ASFCOL)
Colombia, Bogotá
Rights and Justice for All in Colombia. Consolidation and Security for the Profession of Lawyer / Derechos y Justicia para todos en Colombia. Consolidación y seguridad de la profesión de abogado
25 000 USD
Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA)
Uganda, Kampala
Addressing Stigma and Discrimination in Health Care Facilities
12 670 USD
Asociación Colombiana para la Exigibilidad del Derecho a la Salud (SALUDalDERECHO)
Colombia, Bogotá
Salud para Todas y Todos, tercer año/ Health for Everybody, third year
20 000 USD
Asociación de Cooperativas y Empresas Solidarias (ASOCOPH)
Colombia, Huila
Strengthening of the operative capacity and advocacy work of the South Colombian Observatory of Human Rights and Violence– OBSURDH, as a civil society instrument for the promotion and defence of Human Rights in the department of Huila / Fortalecimiento de la capacidad operativa y de incidencia del Observatorio de Derechos Humanos y Violencia del Surcolombiano – OBSURDH, como instrumento de la sociedad civil para la promoción y defensa de los derechos humanos en el departamento del Huila.
20 000 USD
Asociación Para el Desarrollo Humano Runamasinchiqpaq (ADEHR)
Peru, Lima
Access to Justice and Fight against Impunity / Acceso a la Justicia y Lucha contra la Impunidad
12 300 USD
Center for the Protection of Human Rights (CPHR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Beyond the endless chain of wrongful arrest, torture, police brutality and unlawful/prolong detention: ensuring the protection of human rights in the criminal justice system in Liberia, 2008
15 400 USD
Central Nacional de la Mujer Minera del Perú (CNMM)
Peru, Lima
Campaña por la penalización de los accidentes de trabajo no reportados y/u ocasionados por la negligencia funcional de las empresas mineras del Perú / Campaign for the penalisation of labour accidents not reported by the Peruvian mining companies and/or caused by their negligence
12 777 USD
Centro de Desarrollo Humano (CEDEH)
Peru, Puno
Accompany of the Organizations of Victims of the Internal Armed conflict 1980-2000 in the Department of Puno, in the Process of Elaboration of a Regional Plan for Individual and Collective Reparations / Acompañamiento a las organizaciones de afectados por el conflicto armado interno 1980 – 2000 de la región Puno, en el proceso de elaboración del plan regional integral de reparaciones individuales y colectivas
20 000 USD
Colectivo de Mujeres Al Derechos (COLEMAD)
Colombia, Barranquilla
Second phase: Political and Judicial Empowerment of Women Displaced due to the Armed Conflict in Colombia and settled in Atlántico Province in Colombia / Segunda Etapa: Empoderamiento Político y jurídico de Mujeres en Situación de desplazamiento por causa del Conflicto armado interno asentadas en la Región Caribe Colombiana
20 000 USD
Community Development Foundation (CDF)
Liberia, Monrovia
Promoting Active Women Participation in Human Rights Activities Through Establishing Women’s Rights Defense Networks in Rural Communities
14 000 USD
Corporación FIAN del Ecuador (FIAN Ecuador)
Ecuador, Quito
Promotion of the Right to Food in the Province of Los Ríos / Promoción del Derecho a la Alimentación en la Provincia de Los Ríos
10 000 USD
Fundación Guagua (GUAGUA)
Colombia, Cali, Valle del Cauca
Galería Permanente de la Memoria Tiberio Fernández Mafla
9000 + 8240 USD
HADAF Center for Human Rights (former: Palestinian Association For Human Rights Culture HADAF) (HADAF)
Palestinian territories, Gaza City
Promoting Youth Rights and Participation Based on Media Activities
19 000 USD
HADAF Center for Human Rights (former: Palestinian Association For Human Rights Culture HADAF) (HADAF)
Palestinian territories, Gaza City
Promoting Youth Human Rights and Civic Engagement
22 700 USD
Human Rights Network Foundation (HRNF)
Promoting social, economical and political rights of Dalits in the Thiruvallur District of Tamil Nadu
10 000 USD
Instituto de Promoción y Educación Popular (IPEP)
Peru, Ancash
Fortalecimiento democrático con perspectiva de género en el ámbito local
23 700 USD
Integrated Rural Development Centre (IRDC)
India, Trichy
Child rights campaign in Gadharavakottai Block Village Tamil Nadu
10 000 USD
Kasese District Women with Disabilities (KADIWOD)
Uganda, Kasese
Increase awareness on Human Rights practices to empower women with disabilities
13 206 USD
Lady Mermaid’s Bureau (LMB)
Uganda, Kampala
Documenting potential interventions for submission to Parliament regarding the violation of Commercial Sexworkers human rights in Uganda
15 398 USD
Liberians United for Rural Community Development (LURCD)
Liberia, Grand Gedeh County
Sexual and Gender Based Violence
15 000 USD
Lokenattya O Sanskritik Unnayan Kendro (LOSAUK)
Bangladesh, Khulna
Strengthening the empowerment of Hijra (Eunuch: transgender) community for enhancing their human rights
12 876 USD
National Ex-combatant Peace Building Initiatives (NEPI)
Liberia, Monrovia
Community Human Rights Awareness Program
12 900 USD
National Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights in Uganda (NAFODU)
Uganda, Kabale
South Western Uganda Gender Equality Advocacy and Empowerment Project
16 161 USD
National Institute for Public Opinion (formerly Movement for Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia - MOPAR) (NIPO / MOPAR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Community Rally Against Violence
12 610 USD
National Prison Monitor Inc. (NAPRIM)
Liberia, Monrovia
Civic Education on Juvenile Justice, Court and Prison Monitoring in Rural Communities in Liberia (Bomi and Grand Cape Mount Counties), phase 2
13 700 USD
Organisation for Development and Human Rights (ODHR-SL)
Sierra Leone, Freetown
Campaign for Women’s Access to justice in rural Sierra Leone, second phase
13 722 USD
Organisation for Development and Peace (ODP)
Pakistan, Multan, Southern Punjab
Advocacy campaign to mitigate Human Rights violation by eradicating customary practices through trainings & human rights resource centre
24 934 USD
People's Action For Rural Awakening (PARA)
India, Andhra Pradesh
Celebrating differences and Advocacy through children - an innovative way of doing Human Rights Education
10 000 USD
Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA)
Pakistan, Islamabad
Building the Ripple Effect - Rural Women have the Right to a Life Free From Violence
20 000 USD
Prang Community Development Organization (PCDO)
Pakistan, NWFP
Minorities rights
12 861 USD
Radio Daljir (Daljir)
Sustaining the voices of the voiceless women of Somalia
12 750 USD
Resource Institute of Social Education (RISE)
India, Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu
Empowerment of women and Dalits
10 000 USD
Rural Development Society (RDS)
India, Chittor Dt., Andhra Pradesh
Right to Land a Struggle of the Landless Agriculture Labourers
10 000 USD
Rural Integrated Development Educational Society (RIDES)
India, Andhra Pradesh
Food security for landless Dalits
10 000 USD
SAHARA Development Foundation (SDF)
Pakistan, District Haripur, KP
Promotion and Protection of Labor Rights in Haripur
14 567 USD
Simorgh Women’s Resource and Publication Centre (Simorgh)
Pakistan, Lahore
Worlds in the Making’ – Workshops for teacher’s education on Human Rights and participatory teaching
20 000 USD
Somali Human Rights Associations (SOHRA)
Somalia, Mogadishu
Advocacy campiagn for Somali marginalised rights protection
6 100 USD
Twifu Rural Youth and Women Concern (TRYAWCO)
Ghana, Twifu Praso, Central Region
Collective action towards total elimination of female genital mutilation
8 570 USD
Waste Pickers Alliance Uganda (WPAU)
Uganda, Kampala
Mobilizing immense membership, Human Rights Empowerment and Support to form peer groups; and General Office support
11 920 USD
Women Rights Watch (WORIWA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Campaign Against School-based Sexual Exploitations & Abuse in Grand Bassa County
15 235 USD
World Peasant / Indigenous Organization - Uganda (WPIO)
Uganda, Kampala
Global Warming: A Concrete Experience with Pygmies Lives
19 000 USD
World Peasant / Indigenous Organization - Uganda (WPIO)
Uganda, Kampala
Campaign Against the Pygmy Extinction in Uganda: ‘‘Empowerment of the Voiceless’’
19 767 USD
Young Men's Christian Association - Madurai (YMCA-Madurai)
India, Tamil Nadu
Advocacy and lobbying for child labour eradication
9 424 USD
Youth Action Nepal (YOAC)
Nepal, Katmandu
Youth action for human rights initiatives in Nepal
20 000 USD
Youth-Care (Youth-Care)
Liberia, Bomi County
Empowering Rural Youth & Women in Raising Human Rights Awareness in Suehn Mecca, Bomi County
14 175 USD