Supported Projects

Asian Federation Against Involuntar y Disappearances (AFAD)
Strengthening AFAD as It Completes its Second Decade of Struggle Towards a More Effective and Enduring Response to Disappearances in Asia
20 000 USD
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA)
Support to the 8th Asian Regional Human Rights Defenders Forum
16 040 USD
Asociación Red de Defensores y Defensoras de Derechos Humanos
Construction of peace and work against impunity via legal aid and judicial strategies
34 950 USD
Association of the Families of the Disappeared Indonesia
Strengthening the Searching for Timor-Leste's Stolen children in Java Island and Advocating the Commission for the Disappeared as a Working Group of Two Countries
19 785 USD
Centre for the Sustainable Use of Natural and Social Resources (CSNR)
Monitoring rights violations of vulnerable groups in India
15 000 USD
Centro de derechos humanos de los pueblos del Sur de Veracruz “Bety Cariño” A.C.
Defense of the Territory in the Indigenous Communities of Sierra de Santa Marta, Veracruz.
20 000 USD
Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Francisco de Vitoria
Human rights education and advocacy for young human rights defenders
20 000 USD
Colectivo Contra la Tortura y la Impunidad (CCTI)
Capacity Building and Documentation in Cases of Torture by the National Network of Independent Forensic Experts
30 000 USD
Confluencia de Mujeres para la Accion Publica
Walking Towards the Transformation of Justice for Women in Colombia
12 991 USD
Corporación regional para la defensa de los derechos humanos (CREDHOS)
Access to justice and legal aid to victims of human rights violations, with a focus on gender.
15 086 USD
Corporación Regional para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CREDHOS)
Implementation of a psycho social and juridical protection strategy with a focus on gender, community and peace
23 693 USD
Digital Rights Foundation
Advance Digital Safety Trainings of Women Human Rights Defenders
23 798 USD
Human Rights Office
Sri Lanka
Access to Justice in Sri Lanka
20 000 USD
I(dh)eas, Litigio Estratégico en Derechos Humanos
Truth and justice for our disappeared women.
25 000 USD
Instituto Mexicano de Derechos Humanos y Democracia
Capacity, legal aid and advocacy for families of disappeared people in Veracruz.
24 955 USD
KGF Women's Association (KGFWA)
Labour rights and dignity project
18 400 USD
Martin Ennals Foundation
Special project: Enhancing Human Rights Defenders' protection and advocacy.
60 000 USD
Minority Rights Organization (MIRO)
Protection and empowerment of Khmer Krom human rights defenders
18 710 USD
Using Human Rights to Right a Wrong - using a rights-based approach to empower manual scavengers
19 797 USD
Red Sur Baranquilla
With rights, there is peace - youth programme.
20 000 USD
Rights Education and Development Centre (READ)
Monitoring sustainable development goal 16 in India
15 000 USD
The Human Rights Defenders Fund
HRD/ Israel
Defending Human Rights Defenders and Organizations in Israel and the OPT
30 000 USD
The Solidarity for Human Rights Violation Victims Central Sulawesi Solidaritas Korban Pelanggaran HAM
Emergency rehabilitation support for victims of past human rights violations impacted by the earthquake in Palu
14 993 USD