Supported Projects

Action for Community and Human Development, Inc. (ACOHD)
Liberia, Monrovia
Breaking the Culture of Silence About Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) in Liberia’s Post War Rural Communities, Phase Two
15 000 USD
Ambassadors of Love, Arts and Peace (ALAAP)
Pakistan, Lahore
Rights education for young artists (REYA)
13 000 USD
Animators for Rural Multipurpose Development Society (ARMDS)
India, Tamil Nadu
Sensitising the Dalits on the human rights
10 000 USD
Asociación Colombiana para la Exigibilidad del Derecho a la Salud (SALUDalDERECHO)
Colombia, Bogotá
Salud para Todas y Todos, segundo año/ Health for Everybody, second year
20 000 USD
Asociación Prodesarrollo de Familias del Suroccidente de Barranquilla (former Asociación Prodesarrollo de Familias Desplazadas y no Desplazadas del Suroccidente de Barranquilla) (APRODEFA)
Colombia, Barranquilla
Fortalecimiento de los espacios ganados por las redes sociales para incidir en políticas públicas en derechos humanos en el Distrito de Barranquilla / Strengthening of the process initiated by the social networks, in order to make influence in public Human Rights policy in the area of Barranquilla
20 000 USD
Asociación Reflexión de Inocentes Liberados (ARIL)
Peru, Lima
The Liberated Innocents, Consolidating their Rights / Los inocentes liberados, consolidando sus derechos
18 000 USD
Association Générale des Handicapés du Rwanda / General Association of Disabled People of Rwanda (AGHR)
Rwanda, Kigali
Campaign of sensitisation on the national law and the international convention in favour of disabled people in Rwanda
15 000 USD
Association of relief Volunteers for FIAN Andhra Pradesh (Food First Information and Action Network) (FIAN AP)
India, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Mainstreaming the human right to food in Andhra Pradesh, India
10 000 USD
Aurat Association (AA)
Pakistan, Mansehra, NWFP
Reduction of human rights violations through multi-dimension intervention
20 000 USD
Basilwizi Trust (Basilwizi)
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Extraordinary funding: External auditing fees
4 800 USD
Center for Media Studies and Peace Building (CEMESP)
Liberia, Monrovia
Strengthening the knowledge and capacity of Journalists in Liberia on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
12 416 USD
Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Humano (CEIDHU)
Peru, Junín
Incorporating a Perspective on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Local Participatory Budgeting and Encouraging the Development of Rural and Indigenous Women’s Capacity for Advocacy in Huancavelica and Junín / Incorporando el enfoque de los Derechos económicos, sociales y culturales en los presupuestos participativos locales è impulsar el desarrollo de capacidades de exigibilidad de la mujer rural é indígena en Huancavelica y Junín
17 890 USD
Comisión de Solidaridad, Desarrollo y Justicia (COSDEJ)
Peru, Lambayeque
Refundación del sistema judicial con participación de la sociedad civil en la región Lambayeque durante el período 2007-2008 / Reform of the Judicial System with participation of the Civil Society in the Region of Lambayeque, during the period 2007-2008
20 000 USD
Comisión Diocesana de Servicio Pastoral Social (CODISPAS)
Peru, Huaraz, Ancash
Promotion of the Fundamental Rights of Disabled Persons in Ancash Region / Promoción de los Derechos Fundamentales de las Personas con Discapacidad en la Región Ancash
14 890 USD
Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy, Inc (COPDA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Enhancing Prospects for Judicial Reform and Protection for the Rights of Accused Persons
12 000 USD
Coordinadora Nacional de Derechos Humanos (CNDDHH)
Peru, Lima
Proyecto de emergencia: Protección de defensores de derechos humanos, testigos y agraviados en situación de riesgo (fase 2) / Emergency Project: Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Witnesses, Victims and Experts at Risk (phase 2)
16 000 USD
Corporación Cactus (CACTUS)
Colombia, Bogotá
Communication for strengthening of the economic, social, cultural and environmental Human Rights and social organisation in la Sabana de Bogotá, year 2007 / Información y difusión para el fortalecimiento de los derechos humanos, económicos, sociales, culturales y ambientales y la organización social en la Sabana de Bogotá, año 2007
19 086 USD
Defence for Children International, Sierra Leone (DCI-SL)
Sierra Leone, Freetown
Empowering local communities to effectively protect the rights of children in the criminal justice system
14 700 USD
Family-In-Need Trust (FIN)
Zimbabwe, Mutare
Increasing women and girls' knowledge of legal rights, and combating domestic violence
12 600 USD
Federación de Mujeres de Ica (FEPROMUICA)
Peru, ICA
Trabajadoras Organizadas, Protagonistas en la Defensa de sus Derechos Laborales / Organized Female Workers Leading the Fight for their Labour Rights
13 000 USD
Federación Nacional de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales para el Desarrollo de las Comunidades Afrocolombianas (AAXXI-Colombia)
Colombia, Cali
Los líderes y abogados Afrodescendientes de Colombia, luchando contra la discriminación racial mediante la utilización del sistema nacional judicial y el Sistema Inter-Americano de Derechos Humanos
13 000 USD
Federation of African Media Women in Zimbabwe (FAMWZ)
Zimbabwe, Harare
Gender, HIV and Aids and communications project
20 000 USD
Fundación "Manuel Cepeda Vargas" (FMCV)
Colombia, Bogotá
Esclarecimiento del Genocidio contra la Unión Patriótica, Segunda Fase, 2007-2008 / Resolve the Genocide against the Movement Unión Patriótica, second Phase, 2007-2008
20 000 USD
HADAF Center for Human Rights (former: Palestinian Association For Human Rights Culture HADAF) (HADAF)
Palestinian territories, Gaza City
Youth Rights Club
14 910 USD
Hamdam Development Organization (HDO)
Pakistan, N.W.P.F.
Support community to stop violence
19 532 USD
Humanidad Vigente para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (HVDDH)
Colombia, Bogotá
Political and Methodological Institutional Strengthening of Humanidad Vigente para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos / Fortalecimiento político y metodológico institucional de Humanidad Vigente
10 000 USD
Instituto de Promoción y Educación Popular (IPEP)
Peru, Ancash
Support to the local public management with focus on Human Rights in the district of Santa / Aporte a la gestión pública local con enfoque de DD.HH. en el distrito de Santa
10 000 USD
Lady Mermaid’s Bureau (LMB)
Uganda, Kampala
Lobbying the November 2007 Commonwealth heads of government meeting to perceptively invite Uganda to consider sexworkers in the fight against HIV/AIDS
7 755 USD
Lokenattya O Sanskritik Unnayan Kendro (LOSAUK)
Bangladesh, Khulna
Promote knowledge and capacity to Hijra (enuch/transgender) community for exercising their citizen rights
14 943 USD
MANASA Centre for Development and Social Action (MANASA)
India, Bangalore
Human rights helpline for victims of violations – help is a call away and ‘legal awareness for community especially for women’
10 000 USD
Mercy Trust (Mercy Trust)
India, Tamil Nadu
Forming a structure of sex workers for collective bargaining
10 000 USD
National Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Human Rights (NAPRHR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Promoting the protection of the rights of women and children in Lofa County
13 920 USD
National Council of Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (NCDPZ)
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Disabled women's capacity building and empowerment workshops on human Rights
20 000 USD
National Women's Collective of Sri Lanka (NWCSL)
Sri Lanka, Maharagama
Establishment of People’s Committees for Monitoring and Advocacy (PCMA) in 14 districts to monitor the development projects and programmes aimed at alleviating poverty and bring people’s pressure to enforce the Freedom of Information Law in Sri Lanka
18 000 USD
Organisation for Development and Human Rights (ODHR-SL)
Sierra Leone, Freetown
Campaign for Women’s Access to justice in rural Sierra Leone
13 000 USD
Organisation for Development and Peace (ODP)
Pakistan, Multan, Southern Punjab
Eliminatie gender disparities by capacity enhancement of comunity and civil society organisations for the protection of Human Rights
19 619 USD
Organización Ecuatoriana de Mujeres Lesbianas (OEML)
Ecuador, Quito
Second phase of the wareness raising and training for employees from the public and private sector on the Human Rights of lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women / Segunda Fase de los Talleres de Sensibilización y Capacitación para Funcionarios/as Públicos/as y Privados/as, en Derechos Humanos de Mujeres Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Transgénero
20 000 USD
People’s Movement for Development (PMD)
India, Salem Dist, Tamil Nadu
Empowering the Palmyra workers of Tamil Nadu
10 000 USD
Plataforma Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Desarrollo – Ecuador (PIDHDD-Ecuador)
Ecuador, Quito
Ecuador: Citizens Monitoring of the Constitutional Assembly for Human Rights, Democracy and Development / Ecuador: Monitoreo Ciudadano a la Asamblea Constituyente por los Derechos Humanos, la Democracia y el Desarrollo
14 175 USD
Radio Daljir (Daljir)
A Radio Daljir Human Rights Project Proposal: “Giving Voice to the Voiceless Women of Somalia”
12 600 USD
Rural Development Project (RDP)
Pakistan, NWFP
Promoting good governance in the best interest of children
20 000 USD
Rural Development Society (RDS)
India, Chittor Dt., Andhra Pradesh
Right to land; a struggle of the landless agriculture labourers
10 000 USD
Rural Development Society (RDS)
India, Chittor Dt., Andhra Pradesh
Right to land; a struggle of landless agriculture labourers
9 996 USD
Self Help Development & Relief Agency (SHDRA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Empowerment of Rural Women To Document, Report and Counter Abuses and Exploitation of Women and Girls
13 600 USD
Set-Win Society (Set-Win)
India, Tamil Nadu
Widening Dalit rights intervention (continuation) Promote social justice by enhancing human right culture
9 793 USD
Silverline Development Initiatives (SDI)
Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State
Intervention against Gender-based Violence in 3 Local Government Areas of Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
15 098 USD
Simli AiD (Simli AiD)
Ghana, Tamale
Challenging the gendered politics of withchcraft. Widening opportunities for women's empowerment through literacy and social advocacy
17 900 USD
Somali Human Rights Associations (SOHRA)
Somalia, Mogadishu
Advocacy campiagn for Somali marginalised rights protection
3 650 USD
Special Emergency Activity to Restore Children’s Hope (SEARCH)
Liberia, Nimba County
Strengthening Women - Based Community Structures for the Protection of the Women’s Rights.
15 000 USD
Student Christian Movement of India (SCMI)
India, Bangalore
Students for human rights
10 000 USD
Team for Reformation of Education and Environmental Services (TREES)
India, Kolar District, Karnataka
Right to land; a struggle of the landless agriculture labourers for their dignity and education for their livelyhood
10 000 USD
Virutcham Magalir Munnetra Kalzangiam/Udeyam Networking (VMMK)
India, Tamil Nadu
Human rights literacy and legal aid to Human rights literacy and legal aid to unorganised daily waged women labourers engaged in construction work and roadside vendors through networking of NGOs,in three blocks of Virudhunagar district
10 000 USD
Women and Land in Zimbabwe (WLZ)
Zimbabwe, Harare
Women’s land rights and economic opportunities
20 000 USD
Young Men's Christian Association - Madurai (YMCA-Madurai)
India, Tamil Nadu
Advocacy and lobbying for child labour eradication
10 000 USD
Youth Social Service Association (YSSA)
India, Tamil Nadu
Protection of Dalit Human Rights thorugh village cadres/activists and promotion of Dalit people's movement-formation of Dalit Panchayat presidents and lawyer forums
9 800 USD
Zorzor Dictrict Women Care (ZODWOCA)
Liberia, Monrovia
To improve the living standards and create the influence of rural women in Liberia Geo-politics
8 000 USD