Videos from the Norwegian Human Rights Fund

Women defenders of the land, territory and environment in México

Today we celebrate International Mother Earth Day! Local human rights defenders are crucial when it comes to taking care of our planet and obtaining sustainable development. Here is a peek into the work and life of an indigenous human rights organization in Mexico that work to defend their land and lives against the negative consequences of extractive industries.

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports the School Strike for Climate

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund supports the School Strike for Climate. Here is a solidarity message from Land- and Human Rights Defender Anne Lapapan Supamanta.

International Women's Day (IWD) 2019 - NHRF

Jan Egeland and the history of NHRF

Lasting Peace in Colombia/ Debate + Film

Lasting Peace in Colombia
In December 2018, two years after the Norwegian-lead peace agreement between FARC and the Colombian government, the Truth Commission started its work. The search for truth is central to the settlement after more than 60 years of conflict. This work is essential for victims in order to continue their lives and to create permanent peace. At the same time, the armed conflict is far from over. Colombia is now supposed to have peace, yet human rights defenders and members of social movements are killed in greater numbers than ever. Where does the peace process and the human rights situation in Colombia stand today? What implications does a Truth Commission have for a fair solution for the victims of the conflict?