The Norwegian Human Rights Fund

30 years of direct support to human rights defenders


The prize of defending the environment

Everybody talks about the sustainable development goals, but what do we do when the people who stand up to ensure sustainable development in their local communities are threatened, attacked and even killed? Welcome to a breakfast seminar on bridging the gap between policy and reality in the defense of land and environmental rights.

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Local mobilization against mega projects

Wall paintings, rap and radio shows are used in the fight for land rights in Mexico. Meet the organization behind the mobilization against mega projects and extractive industries in the south of Veracruz.

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Motherly Lessons

I Defend Rights/Medium: We’ve asked hundreds of advocates why they choose to defend rights. Some of them have mentioned their mothers as key influences. Here are the lessons that shaped their lives.

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Video: The Norwegian Human Rights Fund for 30 years

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018. Have a look at our anniversary video to learn more about our work!
Hear from grantees from Mexico, Colombia and India, as well as founders and current day owners of the NHRF.