Supported Projects

Action for Child Labour (ACL)
India, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai
Advocacy and social mobilisation on the rights of the Dalit girl children
9 157 USD
African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect - Liberia Chapter (ANPPCAN)
Liberia, Monrovia
Child Rights Education and Sexual Gender Based Violence Project
12 023 USD
Animators for Rural Multipurpose Development Society (ARMDS)
India, (Via) Mugaiyur, Tamil Nadu
Dalit rights to land and labour
10 000 USD
Asociación Campesina de Antioquia (ACA)
Colombia, Medellín
Fortalecimiento al proceso de investigación y formación del programa de DDHH de la Asociación Campesina de Antioquia / Strengthening of the process of investigation and training in the Human Rights Program of Asociación Campesina de Antioquia
10 000 USD
Asociación Colombiana para la Exigibilidad del Derecho a la Salud (SALUDalDERECHO)
Colombia, Bogotá
Salud para todas y todos, primer año/ Health for everybody, first year
20 000 USD
Asociación por la Vida y la Dignidad Humana - Cusco (APORVIDHA-CUSCO)
Justicia y reparación / Justice and Reparation
13 000 USD
Asociación Prodesarrollo de Familias del Suroccidente de Barranquilla (former Asociación Prodesarrollo de Familias Desplazadas y no Desplazadas del Suroccidente de Barranquilla) (APRODEFA)
Colombia, Barranquilla
Fortalecimiento institucional de Aprodefa para incrementar la incidencia política en derechos humanos / Institutional strengthening of Aprodefa in order to increase the political Human Rights advocacy
15 000 USD
Asociación Reflexión de Inocentes Liberados (ARIL)
Peru, Lima
Recuperando la Ciudadanía: Los Inocentes Liberados del Perú / Recuperating the Citizenship: the Liberated Innocents in Peru
13 000 USD
Aurat Association (AA)
Pakistan, Mansehra, NWFP
Reduction of corporal punishment
13 000 USD
Blue Veins - Women Welfare & Relief Services (Blue Veins)
Pakistan, Peshawar Cantt, (NWFP)
An attempt to resist "Back to the caves" policy by the Islamic fundamentalists for women which is a serious threat to socio-economic and cultural rights of women and sexual minorities
13 000 USD
Center for Law and Human Rights Education (CLHRE)
Liberia, Monrovia
Human Rights Education: A Grass-root Civic Education, and Outreach Program
15 000 USD
Center for the Protection of Human Rights (CPHR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Legal aid in defense of detained indigent women and children by courts and state security without charge and charged without trial
13 000 USD
Centre for Development Research and Advocacy (CDRA)
Nigeria, Kaduna
Protecting Human Rights and Democratic Values under Shari'ah (Islamic Laws) in Northern Nigeria
14 183 USD
Centre for Peace and Development (CPD)
Pakistan, Quetta
Human Rights education for Afghan refugee teachers and students
13 000 USD
Church and Society Synod of Blantyre/National Right to Food Task Force (CSSB)
Malawi, Blantyre
National right to food advocacy campaign in Malawi
10 000 USD
Civic Awareness Promotion Society (CAPS)
Pakistan, Peshawar
Human Rights training
13 000 USD
Comision de Derechos Humanos “Alto Huallaga” (CODHAH-AUCAYACU)
Peru, Huánuco
La promoción y la defensa de los Derechos Humanos como una alternativa de cambio (Segundo Período) / Promotion and Defense of the Human Rights as alternative for change (Second Periode)
16 000 USD
Comisión Diocesana de Servicio Pastoral Social (CODISPAS)
Peru, Huaraz, Ancash
The Right to a Name and an Identity in 5 Andean Provinces in the Ancash Region / Derecho al Nombre y a la Identidad en 05 Provincias Andinas de la Región Ancash
15 950 USD
Comité de Derechos Humanos y Desarrollo Humano Pasco (CODEH-Pasco)
Peru, Pasco
Pasco: Todos los Derechos Humanos para Todos / Pasco: All Human Rights for All
13 000 USD
Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CPDH)
Colombia, Bogotá
Educación para la defensa y promoción de los derechos humanos/ Education for the defence and promotion of Human Rights
15 000 USD
Equipo de Defensa y Asesoría Campesina (EDAC)
Peru, Lima
Por una Sentencia Justa y por la Igualdad ante la Ley de los Presos Políticos / For a Just Verdict and for Equality before the Law
15 000 USD
Federation of African Media Women in Zimbabwe (FAMWZ)
Zimbabwe, Harare
Gender, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS project
13 000 USD
Fondation pour le Renforcement des Capacités des Populations (FORECAP)
Democratic Republic of Congo, Province du Maniema
A support to the promotion of Human Rights in Maniema Province In East of D R Congo
13 000 USD
Grupo Interdisciplinario por los Derechos Humanos (GIDH)
Colombia, Medellín
Documentation of cases of Human Rights violations and presentation of these to the Interamerican system / Documentación de casos de violaciones de derechos humanos y presentación de los mismos ante el Sistema Interamericano
10 000 USD
Human Development Promoting Group (HDPG)
Pakistan, Hayatabad, Peshawar, NWFP
Violence against women in Makaland Agency
13 000 USD
Human Rights Center (Former: Human Rights, Information and Documentation Center) (HRIDC)
Georgia, Tbilisi
Women's legal Rights advocacy center, Legal assistance to women and protection of women's legal rights
12 917 USD
Integrated Rural Development Centre (IRDC)
India, Trichy
Child rights campaign in Gandharva Kottai block villages - Phase II
9 842 USD
Integrated Women Development Programme (IWDP)
Uganda, Western Uganda
Expansion of Human Rights activities to Bufunjo Sub-county
9 142 USD
Mama Helena Women Group (MHWG)
Kenya, Kisii
Women and empowerment project
12 089 USD
MANASA Centre for Development and Social Action (MANASA)
India, Bangalore
Human Rights helpline for victims of violations - Help is a call away
10 000 USD
Mercy Trust (Mercy Trust)
India, Tamil Nadu
Comprehensive network of local sex workers for human rights advocacy
10 000 USD
National Council of Disabled Persons in Zimbabwe (NCDPZ)
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Capacity building and empowerment of disabled women
13 000 USD
Nhimbe Trust (NT)
Zimbabwe, Bulawayo
Count us in: Forum theatre challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Zimbabwe
12 500 USD
Organización para el Desarrollo de las Mujeres Inmigrantes Haitianas y sus Familiares (ODEMIHF)
Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo
Programa de capacitación, información y sensibilización sobre los derechos humanos a las mujeres inmigantes haitianas y dominico-haitianas
13 000 USD
People's Action Movement (PAM)
India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Ensuring basic rights of slums dwellers by protecting their housing and franchise rights - Phase II
9 158 USD
Project Alert on Violence Against Women (PAVAW)
Nigeria, Ikeja-Lagos
Consultative Forums/Advocacy on “The Role of Men in Eliminating Violence Against Women in Nigeria”
15 123 USD
Proyecto Colombia Diversa (PCD)
Colombia, Bogotá D. C.
Garantías en el ejercicio de los Derechos Humanos de personas LGBT en Colombia / Guarantees for the fulfilment of the Human Rights of LGBT persons in Colombia
8 000 USD
Rescue Alternatives Liberia (formerly: Prisoners Assistance Program, Inc., PAP) (RAL)
Liberia, Monrovia
Anti-Torture Campaign 2005/06
16 033 USD
Réseau sur l'Éthique, le Droits et le Sida (REDS)
Cameroon, Yaoundé
Human Rights Education in the Context of Fight against HIV/AIDS in Cameroon / Education aux droits de l'homme en matière de lutte contre le VIH/SIDA au Cameroun
18 454 USD
Rural Development Society (RDS)
India, Chittor Dt., Andhra Pradesh
Right to land: A struggle of the landless agrarian labourers – Dalit empowerment through community farming
10 000 USD
Rural Human Rights Activists Programme (RHRAP)
Liberia, Monrovia
Combating Child Conscription into Traditional Society (Poro and Sandi) 3rd Phase
11 000 USD
Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)
Liberia, Monrovia
Empowering Rural Forest Communities for Environmental and Human Rights Advocacy
13 096 USD
Set-Win Society (Set-Win)
India, Nilakottai, Tamil Nadu
Foster Human Rights among Dalits
10 000 USD
Society for the Welfare of Women Prisoners (SWEWP)
Nigeria, Enugu
Project Proposal on Fundamental Rights Education for community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Ebonyi State
8 561 USD
United Group - Attorneys at Law (Former: United Group - NGO Support Unit) (UG)
Egypt, Cairo
Forth Training Course for Lawyers on Legal Defense in Issues of the Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion and Combating Propaganda for War
16 940 USD
Urban and Rural Institute for Social Education (URISE)
India, Tamil Nadu
Empowerment of rural women Human Rights organisations to exercise their reproductive health rights (right to resources and employment) through social action programme
10 000 USD
Virutcham Magalir Munnetra Kalzangiam/Udeyam Networking (VMMK)
India, Tamil Nadu
Strengthening the trade union of unorganised daily wage women labourers engaged in construction work and road side vendors to protect their rights through networking of NGOs
10 000 USD
West Africa Human Rights Defenders Network (WAHRDN)
West Africa, Kokomlemie, PMB Accra North Ghana
Emergency Support to Defenders at Risk
13 000 USD
Women and Land in Zimbabwe (WLZ)
Zimbabwe, Harare
Property rights and livelihoods for women - Towards attaining the third millenium development goal
13 000 USD
Women Social Organisation (WSO)
Pakistan, Punjab
A campaign for the rehabilitation of victimised women in Muzaffargarh
13 000 USD
Women's Emancipation and Development Trust (WED Trust)
India, Tamil Nadu
Human Rights education and legal intervention for women empowerment
9 751 USD
Young Men's Christian Association - Madurai (YMCA-Madurai)
India, Tamil Nadu
Advocacy and lobbying for child labour eradication
10 000 USD
Youth Action Nepal (YOAC)
Nepal, Katmandu
Youth action for Human Rights initiatives in Nepal
15 100 USD
Youth Social Service Association (YSSA)
India, Tamil Nadu
Protection of Dalit Human Rights through village cadres/activists and promotion of Dalit People's Movement project
10 000 USD
Zorzor Dictrict Women Care (ZODWOCA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Breaking down traditional norms/values that reduce the chances of women participation in the democratic building process of Liberia
8 000 USD