During 2019, 45 organizations in 15 different countries were given new grants, and there was a total of 54 ongoing projects supported by the NHRF. 57 % of the supported organizations in 2019 are led by women. All of the supported projects worked with one or more of NHRF’s priorities: Work against discrimination, work against impunity and for access to justice, and human rights defenders at risk.

In 2019, the NHRF had several calls for proposals, and organizations working with land and environmental rights in Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico were given new grants. We also had calls for proposals on projects on workers’ rights in India and Pakistan. Last year was also an significant year for scaling up our work in Colombia and we supported important initiatives and victims groups working with the transitional justice mechanisms. Through a new partnership agreement with the Norwegian Embassy in Bogotá, our 30 years of support to victims of the armed conflict in their struggle for truth, justice, reparation and no repetition will continue in a significant manner in 2020 and also upscale our support to human rights defenders at risk and organization working for land, natural resources and the environment.

In our annual reports you can find comprehensive information on the NHRF's activities, and the remarkable work carried out by our grantees.