Supported Projects

All India Aravanigal Rights Rehabilitation Centre (AIARRC)
India, Tamil Nadu
Obtaining Space and identity for the Transgender and enforcing their human rights in Tamil Nadu.
10 000 USD
Asociación de Cooperativas y Empresas Solidarias (ASOCOPH)
Colombia, Huila
Consolidation of the South Colombian Observatory of Human Rights and Violence in the departments of Huila and Caqueta / Consolidacion del Observatorio surcolombiano de derechos humanos y violencia para los departamentos del Huila y Caqueta
24 800 USD
Asociación Para el Desarrollo Humano Runamasinchiqpaq (ADEHR)
Peru, Lima
Guaranteeing Access to Justice and Fight against Impunity within the Framework of the Recommendations of the Commission for Truth and Reconciliation / Garantizando el Acceso a la Justicia y Lucha contra la Impunidad. En el Marco de las Recomendaciones de la Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación
25 000 USD
Asociación Reflexión de Inocentes Liberados (ARIL)
Peru, Lima
The Liberated Innocents: Promoting Reparations for Reconciliation / Los inocentes liberados: Promoviendo las reparaciones con miras a la reconciliación
25 000 USD
Association of relief Volunteers for FIAN Andhra Pradesh (Food First Information and Action Network) (FIAN AP)
India, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Mainstreaming the human right to food in Andhra Pradesh, India
10 293 USD
Aurat Association (AA)
Pakistan, Mansehra, NWFP
Reduction of Human Rights Violation
25 000 USD
Blue Veins - Women Welfare & Relief Services (Blue Veins)
Pakistan, Peshawar, (NWFP)
Domestic Violence – no longer a family issue
25 000 USD
Centro de Desarrollo Humano (CEDEH)
Peru, Puno
Advocacy for Concluding the Registration of Victims and the Elaborating the Integral Plan for Individual and Collective Reparations in the Region of Puno / Incidencia para culminar el registro único de victimas y la elaboración del plan integral que impulsen las reparaciones individuales y colectivas en la región Puno
20 388 USD
Centro de Iniciativas para el Desarrollo Humano (CEIDHU)
Peru, Junín
Promoting the Right to Participation and Citizens’ Supervision with a Human Rights perspective in 10 Districts in Junín and Huancavelica / Fomentando el derecho a la participación y la vigilancia ciudadana con un enfoque de Derechos Humanos en 10 Distritos de Junín y Huancavelica
18 000 USD
Colectivo de Mujeres Al Derechos (COLEMAD)
Colombia, Barranquilla
Strategic Judicial and Political Action at National and International Level on behalf of Women that are Victims of the Armed Conflict and form part of the Network Women’s Multicultural Space / Exigibilidad Estratégica de casos de Mujeres víctimas del Conflicto Armado que hacen parte del Espacio Multicultural de Mujeres; mediante acciones jurídicas y políticas en el plano nacional e internacional
20 000 USD
Comisión de Solidaridad, Desarrollo y Justicia (COSDEJ)
Peru, Lambayeque
Vigilancia y Ejecución de Propuestas desde la Sociedad Civil al Sistema de Administración de Justicia en la Región Lambayeque / Surveillance by and Contributions from the Civil Society on the Administrative Judicial System in Lambayeque Region
19 762 USD
Comisión Diocesana de Servicio Pastoral Social (CODISPAS)
Peru, Huaraz, Ancash
Social Advocacy for the Implementation of Public Policies that guarantee the Fundamental Rights of Disabled Persons in 5 Municipalities in Ancash Region / Incidencia Social para la Implementación de Políticas Públicas que garanticen el respeto de los Derechos Humanos de las Personas con Discapacidad en 05 Municipios de la Región Andina de Ancash – Perú
18 739 USD
Community Development Foundation (CDF)
Liberia, Monrovia
Promoting Active Women Participation in Human Rights Activities through Establishing Women’s Rights Defence Networks in Rural Communities
16 000 USD
Federation of African Media Women in Zimbabwe (FAMWZ)
Zimbabwe, Harare
Gender, HIV, Aids, Human Rights and Communications project
25 000 USD
Global Vision Organization- Pakistan (GVO)
Pakistan, Islamabad
Youth Advocacy Campaign on Human Rights Issues
21 800 USD
Harmony Foundation (HF)
Pakistan, Faisalabad
Education and training of the workers and labor leaders of textile industry on labor laws and trade union
17 538 USD
Humanidad Vigente para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (HVDDH)
Colombia, Bogotá
Strengthening Humanidad Vigente’s institutional capacity for the defence of Human Rights, year 2009 / Fortalecimiento de la Capacidad Institucional de Humanidad Vigente para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos, año 2009
15 000 USD
Inner City Resource Centre NPO (ICRC)
South Africa, Johannesburg
Human and Housing Rights Advice Centre
20 316 USD
MANASA Centre for Development and Social Action (MANASA)
India, Bangalore
Human Rights helpline for victims of violations- help is a call away and "legal awareness for community especially women"
13 000 USD
National Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Human Rights (NAPRHR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Promoting the protection of the rights of women and children in Lofa County
14 836 USD
National Institute for Public Opinion (formerly Movement for Peace and Reconciliation in Liberia - MOPAR) (NIPO / MOPAR)
Liberia, Monrovia
Community Rally Against Violence II
20 000 USD
People’s Movement for Development (PMD)
India, Salem Dist, Tamil Nadu
Empowering the Palmyra Workers of Tamil Nadu (cont.)
11 000 USD
Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA)
Pakistan, Islamabad
Building the Ripple Effect - Rural Women have the Right to a Life Free From Violence
2 100 USD
Rural Development Society (RDS)
India, Chittor Dt., Andhra Pradesh
Right to Land -a Struggle of the Landless Agriculture Labourers
12 785 USD
SAHARA Development Foundation (SDF)
Pakistan, District Haripur, KP
Promotion and Protection of Labour Rights in Haripur, Phase-II (PPLRH-II)
24 493 USD
Self Help Development & Relief Agency (SHDRA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Promoting Human Rights Education Amongst Secondary Students in Sinoe County
18 700 USD
Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action/Community Health Cell (SOCHARA)
India, Bangalore
TOWARDS RIGHT TO HEALTH AS A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT: Coalition Building for the Right to Primary Health Care Advocacy in Karnataka
13 000 USD
Team for Reformation of Education and Environmental Services (TREES)
India, Bangarparpet, Kolar District, Karnataka
Right to land; a struggle of the landless agriculture labourers
13 000 USD
The Empowerment Centre of Nomads and Tribes (TENT)
India, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Empower Nomads in three districts through nomads federation
13 000 USD
Virutcham Magalir Munnetra Kalzangiam/Udeyam Networking (VMMK)
India, Tamil Nadu
Human Rights literacy and legal Aid to Unorganized daily waged women labourers engaged in Construction work and Roadside Vendors through networking of NGOs,in three blocks of Virudhunagar district
15 000 USD
Waste Pickers Alliance Uganda (WPAU)
Uganda, Kampala
Lobbying the President of Uganda with reference to his remarks made on 1st August 2009 at State House regarding workers rights and poor working conditions in private businesses; follow up on Lobbying the Parliament; Human rights education to Waste Pickers and General office support
20 000 USD
Women Rights Watch (WORIWA)
Liberia, Monrovia
Accelerated [Full-scale] Sensitization and Awareness Crusade Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Schools and Communities in Grand Bassa County
20 265 USD
World Peasant / Indigenous Organization - Uganda (WPIO)
Uganda, Kampala
Socio-Economic Transformation of Pygmy Communities through Agents-of-Change
24 944 USD
Youth-Care (Youth-Care)
Liberia, Bomi County
Empowering Rural Youth & Women in Raising Human Rights Awareness in Suehn Mecca, Bomi County
21 725 USD