Work against discrimination and marginalisation of vulnerable individuals and groups is at the core of the NHRF’s mandate and overall objectives.

The NHRF gives priority to projects where vulnerable or marginalised groups themselves mobilise and take the lead in the struggle for their own rights. In many contexts, these groups are subject to multiple forms of discrimination where both social and economic factors come into play. These factors relate to issues such as gender, work, income and descent, among others.

Challenging the status quo and existing social, political, and economic hierarchies in order to create change requires perseverance, courage, and long-term engagement. Through almost three decades of providing support in this field, the NHRF has seen that positive and progressive change is possible and that local human rights defenders can make a real and meaningful difference. Through this kind of support, the voices of marginalised individuals and groups are lifted and amplified to help them claim the rights to which they are entitled.

“Again, the contribution received from the NHRF helps RWRS get grounded at the grassroots working with the very target groups and communities, taking the projects as their own and living with the knowledge acquired over the period of time. As the result of the cooperation between the NHRF and the RWRS over the years really elevated the activities of RWRS in terms of governance, policies, advocacy strength, etc.”