Our work in Colombia

NHRF's Colombia Office

The NHRF has from the secretariat in Oslo worked extensively and strategically in Colombia for three decades, establishing long-term relationships, partnerships and networks with relevant actors in the human rights field and in civil society in general, with excellent results. Through a new agreement with the Norwegian Embassy in Bogotá, we will continue our work to support frontline human rights defenders and the Colombian civil society.

In the spring of 2020, the NHRF established an office in Bogotá to increase the support to Colombian civil society organizations at a crucial time in the country’s history, through open calls for proposals based on thorough in-country context analysis and needs assessment for frontline human rights defenders’ and civil society work. The establishment of the Colombia Office has enabled us to increase close monitoring and follow-up of the grantees and to ensure targeted, fit-for-purpose capacity building. Grantmaking is focused in three thematic areas that were determined according to our current country strategy for Colombia.

The NHRF works with three strategic areas in Colombia:

  • The peace process and access to justice for victims
  • Security protection and guarantees for human rights defenders
  • Work for access to and protection of land, territory and environmental rights

The current Colombia portfolio consists of 21 active projects – 18 projects approved with the grant from the Norwegian Embassy in Bogotá, and three ongoing projects from 2019. 78 % of the projects are within NHRF’s strategic area 1 (Peace process and victim’s rights), 61 % in strategic area 2 (security protection and guarantees for HRDs) and 33 % in strategic area 3 (land and environmental rights). The portfolio will increase as more calls will be carried out the next few years.

Articles and updates

Colombia's Exiled Voices Contributing to the Truth from Norway

On April 9, Colombia commemorates the "National Day of Memory and Solidarity with Victims". Colombians who have fled the conflict and now are living in different countries, including Norway, continue to use their voices so that the truth about what is happening in the country is known.

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The Colombian Peace Agreement: Civil society organisations share challenges and concerns

In the second of two meetings with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bogota, Colombian civil society organisations shared their concerns about the lack of progress of the Colombian Peace Agreement, which was signed in 2016.

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Human rights organizations alert the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombia and the NHRF about their security conditions

The meeting between human rights organizations and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bogota is the first of two meetings that will be held in March to address the context for human rights defenders’ work and share recommendations to improve their protection.

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