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Land and environmental rights in Indonesia: Snapshots from NHRF grantees’ work

In 2020, the NHRF began supporting three new organisations working on the NHRF’s new thematic focus area in Indonesia, working with local grassroots groups on land and environmental rights. We are very excited to see these organisations continue to grow and strengthen local communities’ ability to protect themselves and their communities’ land!

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Working from the periphery: SKP-HAM and official recognition of the 1965 Atrocities in Palu City, Central Sulawesi

In Indonesia, "Black September" is remembered by human rights communities as a month of tragedy where events of serious violations of human rights occurred. In September all across the country, victims and human rights groups has commemorated the cases of serious human rights violations, including the systematic atrocities against members Indonesian Communist Party or suspected sympathizers.

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Searching for the disappeared Timorese children in Indonesia: The work of IKOHI

The NHRF has recently finalized the third year of support to the Indonesian Association of the Families of the Disappeared (IKOHI), an organization that works on strengthening the search for the disappeared Timorese children in Java. On this occasion, and looking forward to continuing the collaboration with IKOHI, we wish to highlight and contextualize their valuable work.

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‘We need to listen to and learn from those involved in human rights advocacy’

Interview with Wahyu Wagiman, Executive Director of Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM), a member of FORUM-ASIA in Indonesia.

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