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Pakistan’s disposable labour needs attention

The Global Slavery Index estimates that 3,186,000 people are held in modern forms of slavery in Pakistan, ranking the country at 8th place among the world’s 167 nations with the highest prevalence of modern slavery. The most common form of modern slavery prevalent in Pakistan is bonded labour, mainly in agriculture and brick kilns sectors (production of bricks).

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International Domestic Workers Day: The work of WISE in Pakistan

On the International Domestic Workers Day of June 16, the NHRF wants to highlight the crucial work our grantee Women in Struggle for Empowerment (WISE) does to support domestic workers. Domestic workers are often part of informal working sectors, like in Pakistan, where many women and girls end up being trapped in abusive work conditions which in many cases may amount to modern forms of slavery.

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Pakistan: COVID-19 and the human rights crisis

The novel coronavirus has resulted in an unprecedented and multi-faceted global crisis. It has affected the health of millions of people, deprived an uncounted number of employees from their jobs, and plunged the world into a socio-economic catastrophe.

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Work against discrimination

Supporting marginalized groups to take the lead in their fight against discrimination is a core component of NHRF’s work. Read more about our work against discrimination in the year that passed here.

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Pakistan: The COVID-19 impact and response

The coronavirus pandemic has shacked the entire world. However, the impact both in terms of a health crisis and an economic fallout varies from country to country depending on fiscal health and governance systems in place. Obviously, developing countries like Pakistan are in deep crisis despite of low numbers of cases, so far.

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NHRF's field visit to Pakistan

Between 8th and 20th February 2020, the secretariat from the Norwegian Human Rights Fund accompanied the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders, Michel Forst, on an academic visit to Pakistan. The purpose of the trip for the Special Rapporteur was to meet with activists, human rights defenders, and members of the Pakistani civil society, to promote his mandate and to strengthen the protection of human rights defenders.

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