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Caste-Hate Speech – A Culture of Silence and Violence

Caste-based discrimination affects more than 260 million Dalits worldwide. Caste-hate speech is currently on the rise across different social media platforms, and should be acknowledged as a specific form of hate.

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#IDefendRights: Eliminating caste discrimination

In his I Defend Rights story, Human and Dalit Rights Defender Ritwajit Das talks about why he stays motivated to fight against caste oppression.

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NHRF grantee releases new report

INFORM is a leading human rights organization in Sri Lanka that is always at the forefront of the human rights struggle to promote and protect human rights in the country. Recently, the organization released a report documenting the situation for HRDs in Sri Lanka before and during the COVID-19 curfew.

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Work against impunity and for access to justice

The NHRF prioritizes work aimed at ensuring full and equal access to justice, recognizing justice as the key component to combating impunity. Read more about our work against impunity and for access to justice in the year that passed here.

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Reflections from work with torture victims in Sri Lanka

Having seen the tears of the mothers and family members of torture victims, I was compelled to go beyond the cultic role of the priest.

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Sri Lanka: Are we making good progress on transitional justice?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask.

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