INFORM recently released their report Repression of Dissent in Sri Lanka: Before and during COVID19 curfew. Covering the present challenges, the report documents the situation for human rights defenders and activists in the midst of the country's COVID-19 lockdown for a much-needed comparative perspective of the situation before and during the pandemic. Find the report here.

INFORM was co-founded by the indomitable Sunila Abeysekara, a powerhouse feminist and human rights leader who was a force leading reconciliation efforts and building positive peace in the country. She helped shape the feminist movement in Sri Lanka and was influential in larger movements in South Asia and on a global level.

Founded by activists and human rights defenders, INFORM has maintained a strong presence and profile in the country that challenges efforts to repress freedom of expression through their active and inexhaustible efforts to monitor and document such efforts and other human rights violations. They are a source of support and solidarity with grassroots human rights defenders (W/HRDs) and are often sought as a resource organization for international organizations and have submitted many joint reports to the UN on issues related to W/HRDs, freedom of expression, disappearances, reprisals against those working with the UN system, and other human rights issues.

INFORM is celebrating 30 years of human rights work in Sri Lanka this year; a year with new challenges that has demonstrated just how critical their work is for human rights defenders and for human rights work at large in the country.

The NHRF is proud to support INFORM as they carry on their important work.