• Type: Full Time
  • Contract Duration: 3 years
  • Location: Bogota, Colombia. Travelling both within Colombia and globally is also required in the position.
  • The position is a non-national post
  • Deadline for applications: 29 January 2023, applications through Webcruiter

Who are we?

The NHRF works to protect and promote human rights internationally through direct support to organisations working in the first line of defence for human rights.

We aim to be a flexible, courageous and global actor that provides direct support to local organisations and movements working for the rights of vulnerable and marginalised individuals and groups. This is done through direct support to organisations in our priority countries, as well as to projects that focus on the protection of human rights defenders. See more about our global work below.

The NHRF has worked for three decades in Colombia through direct financial support to local organisations and their work, including support to human rights advocacy, networking and capacity building. The work in Colombia is also focused on strengthening local human rights organisations through communications, advocacy and the development of strategic alliances.

Since 2020 we have scaled up our operations in Colombia and we have since then had an office in Bogota with 13 staff members and a country director based there.

The NHRF has two main programmes in Colombia:

  • In the Forest, Environment and Human Rights programme we support organisations working on combating deforestation, contributing to more sustainable forest management for the protection of forests, defending territorial, environmental and ethnic rights, and improving the livelihoods of ethnic and local communities.
  • In the Peace and Human Rights programme, we support organisations that include in their work the protection of human rights defenders and the right to defend human rights, the promotion of peace and access to justice, and the defence of land and territorial rights.

At the NHRF we aim to have a positive work environment where staff feel motivated and included, and where they are able to maintain a good work-life balance.

Who are you?

We are seeking a highly motivated person with a positive outlook on working with challenging issues in a very interesting country context. You have a passion for working with local human rights organisations and you place high value on local ownership and local anchoring in all stages of the project cycle. You have an excellent understanding of the Colombian political context, with particular knowledge on peace, human rights and the work to combat deforestation and defending territorial, environmental and ethnic rights in the country.

You have experience with and understanding of the financial management of a country operation for an NGO, and the responsibilities of the country director in relation to budget control, audit processes and financial management of the operation. You have experience with and an interest in how solid administrative-, HR- and finance support functions are crucial for the effective and efficient running of a country programme.

You are a good team-builder with proven experience in successful leadership, development and management of diverse teams in the non-profit sector working on human rights. You are a motivator and someone who works with the team in an inclusive manner to build a joint understanding of the objectives of the organisation and every staff member’s role in reaching these objectives. You see the importance of building a positive work environment and you have a keen interest in ensuring that staff can have a good work-life balance.


  • Relevant higher education
  • At least 7 years experience in relevant organisations, including at least 5 years experience in a leadership role.
  • Excellent language skills in Spanish and English. Knowledge of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language is an asset
  • Experience with and understanding of financial management of a country operation for an NGO, and the responsibilities of the country director in relation to budget control, audit processes, and financial management of the operation.
  • Experience with human rights work in cooperation with local organisations in Colombia is a requirement.
  • Excellent understanding of the Colombian political context, in particular on the situation for human rights.
  • Excellent understanding of conflict sensitivity in the Colombian context when working on human rights.
  • Experience with leading diverse teams
  • Proven experience in fundraising and good understanding of institutional donors. Previous experience working with Norwegian or Nordic institutional donors is an asset.


  • Responsible for leading the NHRF’s work in Colombia, including overall responsibility for the sound running of the office and the sound implementation of programmes in line with NHRF regulations and donor agreements.
  • Leading the management team at NHRF Colombia and ensuring regular and structured cooperation with clear roles and responsibilities within the management team, as well as for the team at large.
  • Ensuring that the NHRF operation in Colombia is run in accordance with Colombian legislation as well as within relevant internationally accepted standards for the NGO sector.
  • Responsible for donor-liaison with current donors to the Colombia programme, including meeting reporting requirements at the highest standards and ensuring a regular dialogue with the current donor on mutual cooperation.
  • In coordination with the NHRF Executive Director, ensure updated strategies and plans for the work of the NHRF in Colombia, including strategies and plans for fundraising, programme work, advocacy, communications etc.
  • Creating and nurturing a positive team-spirit, ensuring that the NHRF in Colombia is a good place to work where staff can also maintain a work-life balance. Provide leadership and motivation to the team. Ensuring an inclusive approach to staff involvement in the development of policies and procedures.
  • Ensuring that the development and implementation of NHRF’s programmes in Colombia are done at high standards, including overall responsibility for implementation and development of the work on monitoring, evaluation, learning and development (MELD). Ensuring coordination with the NHRF Head of Programmes in Oslo in these areas.
  • Conduct risk assessments and ensure updated risk analyses with mitigation measures for the NHRF in Colombia and its grantee partners.
  • Regular meetings with the Executive Director and Head of Finance in Oslo to coordinate and update the head office in Oslo on the NHRF’s work in Colombia. Provide reports as agreed to the head office in Oslo and the Board of the NHRF.
  • Responsibility for ensuring timely updated annual work plans for all areas of work and for all staff members.
  • Representation of the NHRF to a diverse range of stakeholders, including civil society organisations, social movements, human rights organisations and think tanks, the media, donors, diplomatic missions, UN agencies and other relevant stakeholders in Colombia and abroad (working on Colombia or relevant thematic issues).
  • Provide input to the NHRF’s overall work and strategies, with the main priority of ensuring that these are relevant for the Colombia operations and that learnings from Colombia are utilised also in the development and continuous improvement of NHRF global policies, strategies and plans.
  • Travelling both within Colombia and globally is also required in the position.

Salary and benefits as per agreement with the NHRF


An application (maximum 1 page) describing the candidate’s motivation and competencies, CV (maximum 3 pages)

Apply here by 29 January 2023.

Questions about the position can be directed to Executive Director Ingeborg Moa by email ingeborg.moa@nhrf.no or phone +47 959 24 503.

More about the NHRF

The NHRF was founded in 1988 and sprung out of Norwegian civil society, academia and workers’ unions. As of 2022, the NHRF's member organisations are Amnesty International Norway, Church of Norway Council on Ecumenical and International Relations, Norwegian Centre for Human Rights, Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions and the Atlas Alliance.

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund’s mandate is to protect and promote human rights internationally by being a flexible and courageous actor that provides support to local and front line organisations and movements. The NHRF will direct its financial support to human rights work within the following interlinked thematic areas:

  • Fight against impunity and for access to justice
  • Dismantling discrimination, inequality and marginalization
  • Protecting human rights defenders and the right to defend rights

Our current priority countries are Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

We have offices in Oslo and Colombia, in addition to local consultants working with us in Mexico, Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Read more about our work at www.nhrf.no.

Applications can be submitted through Webcruiter until 29 January 2023.

Photo credit: Victor Linares/NHRF Colombia