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Mexico: Human Rights Defenders at risk during COVID-19

During May 2020, different Mexican human rights networks and organizations denounced the persistence and aggravation of threats, harassment, abuses and murders of human rights defenders (HRDs) and journalists in the midst of the public health emergency caused by COVID-19.

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Pakistan: COVID-19 and the human rights crisis

The novel coronavirus has resulted in an unprecedented and multi-faceted global crisis. It has affected the health of millions of people, deprived an uncounted number of employees from their jobs, and plunged the world into a socio-economic catastrophe.

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Martin Ennals Award defenders are calling for the release of all imprisoned human rights defenders

On April 21st, finalists and laureates of the Martin Ennals Award - an international award for human rights defenders - from all over the world signed a letter demanding the release of imprisoned human rights defenders who are facing serious risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Pakistan: The COVID-19 impact and response

The coronavirus pandemic has shacked the entire world. However, the impact both in terms of a health crisis and an economic fallout varies from country to country depending on fiscal health and governance systems in place. Obviously, developing countries like Pakistan are in deep crisis despite of low numbers of cases, so far.

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Promoting the right to information during the COVID-19 pandemic through radio

The coronavirus pandemic may present great challenges for indigenous peoples and rural communities in Mexico who often experience socio-economic marginalization and a limited access to information. Under these circumstances, the mission of the Boca de Polen network of communicators - one of our grantee organizations based in Chiapas, southern Mexico - to disseminate relevant information to peasants and indigenous people, support their skills in media technologies, and thus advance the right to information and free expression, becomes even more important and valuable.

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COVID-19 in India: The most vulnerable are hardest hit

In India, the government responded to the COVID-19 threat with a national lockdown for 21 days. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, marginalized groups such as migrant workers, Dalits, daily wage workers and other vulnerable communities, are now left in an even more difficult situation than before.

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