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Support to work against discrimination

Many of the NHRF’s grantees work with groups facing multiple forms of discrimination based on their gender, caste, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and other diverse identities. Supporting marginalised groups to take the lead in their fight against discrimination is a core component of the NHRF’s work.

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Working with migrant communities in Northern Thailand

In northern Thailand, NHRF’s grantee Friends Without Borders carries on with its work despite a COVID-19 lockdown and increased stigma against migrants.

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Protests in Thailand - a new hope for human rights

During 2020, Thailand has been facing a unique challenge when it comes to the human rights situation. Throughout the whole year, there has been more than 450 protests against the Thai government and monarchy, and about 200 of those took place only between October to December.

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Video: Land and environmental rights in Thailand

Human rights defenders in Thailand are facing harassment, defamation and accusations. The defenders most at risk include those who fight for economic, social and cultural rights, particularly land rights.

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Protecting human rights in Thailand

In March 2019, the first elections in Thailand since the military coup in 2014 were held. This seminar reflected on the human rights situation in Thailand, and whether or not the situation is likely to improve.

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