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Colombia's Exiled Voices Contributing to the Truth from Norway

On April 9, Colombia commemorates the "National Day of Memory and Solidarity with Victims". Colombians who have fled the conflict and now are living in different countries, including Norway, continue to use their voices so that the truth about what is happening in the country is known.

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The Colombian Peace Agreement: Civil society organisations share challenges and concerns

In the second of two meetings with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bogota, Colombian civil society organisations shared their concerns about the lack of progress of the Colombian Peace Agreement, which was signed in 2016.

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Human rights organizations alert the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Colombia and the NHRF about their security conditions

The meeting between human rights organizations and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bogota is the first of two meetings that will be held in March to address the context for human rights defenders’ work and share recommendations to improve their protection.

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"I Defend Rights": New exhibition opening in Colombia

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund is very proud to announce that the exhibition "Yo Defiendo Derechos"- made in collaboration with Memria and Foundation WeAre, will open at Casa de la Memoria in Medellín, Colombia. The exhibition uses oral testimonies from human rights defenders to invite the visitors to put them themselves in the place of those who dedicate their lives to defend human rights.

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Defending human rights during a pandemic: An additional challenge for organizations in Colombia

Defending human rights is a complicated task for many defenders around the world. If one also live in Colombia, a country with an armed conflict that has lasted for more than 60 years and in addition being the third most affected by COVID-19 in Latin America, this mission becomes even more difficult for defenders in the country.

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Organizations supported by the NHRF are nominated for the National Human Rights Award in Colombia 2020

The organizations Diakonia and Act Iglesia Sueca annually recognize the work of human rights defenders and organizations in Colombia.

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