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Human Rights Defenders at Risk

The NHRF sees all our grantees as human rights defenders, and we recognize that the situations they work in are vastly different and that each poses unique challenges and barriers to their work. Read more about our work to protect HRDs at risk here.

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Work against impunity and for access to justice

The NHRF prioritizes work aimed at ensuring full and equal access to justice, recognizing justice as the key component to combating impunity. Read more about our work against impunity and for access to justice in the year that passed here.

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Annual report 2019

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund is proud to present our annual report for 2019, where we present our highlights, results and activities from the year that passed.

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A call-out for action: COVID-19 pandemic leaves HRDs in Colombia at higher risk

In Colombia, the coronavirus pandemic coincided with several attacks and murders of social leaders and human rights defenders. The civil society is worried about the situation, and has called for a ceasefire. Monday morning it was announced that the National Liberation Army (ELN) has declared a ceasefire between 1st and 30th April.

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The situation of Human Rights Defenders in Colombia

UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Michel Forst, presented his report on the human rights situation in Colombia to the Human Rights Council (UNHRC). While civil society organizations in the country and globally support the report, it faced strong resistance from the Colombian government.

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Expanding our work in Colombia

We are happy to announce that we are stepping up our support to civil society organizations in Colombia and entering into a strategic partnership with the Norwegian Embassy in Bogotá.

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