25th of November: Building a world without violence for peace

We join the #SinViolenciasPorLaPaz campaign "Without Violence for Peace", that visibilize the violence against women leaders and human rights defenders.

Violence against women is one of the oldest epidemics of humanity. Historically, it has been exercised through actions ranging from psychological and economic aggression to physical and sexual attacks in family, work and political spaces by partners, colleagues, the state, among others.

According to United Nations data, one out of every three women in the world suffers sexual or physical violence, mostly at the hands of her partner. And in countries with weaker economies the figure is alarming, in regions such as Latin America, 25% of women have been subjected to physical violence.

In the case of Colombia, violence has been aggravated by the conflict situation. Women of all ages have experienced threats, assassinations, terrorism, torture, involuntary disappearances, sexual slavery, rape, sexual abuse, forced pregnancies and abortions.

According to the Observatorio de Memoria del Conflicto of the Centro Nacional de Memoria Histórica, 51,919 women have been victims of armed conflict since 1958. Among them, 18,048 have been fatal victims. On the other hand, the organization also reported that 14,248 women have been victims of sexual violence, 13,273 have been victims of selective killings and 9,307 have been victims of forced disappearance.

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund recognize the gaps that exist for women to exercise their human rights in full freedom. Today, on 25th of November and the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we join Colombian civil society organizations to raise awareness of the various forms of violence against women leaders and defenders of the territories in all their diversities in public and private scenarios.

Join the campaingn on social media using the hashtag #SinViolenciasPorLaPaz!