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Caste-Hate Speech – A Culture of Silence and Violence

Caste-based discrimination affects more than 260 million Dalits worldwide. Caste-hate speech is currently on the rise across different social media platforms, and should be acknowledged as a specific form of hate.

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#IDefendRights: Eliminating caste discrimination

In his I Defend Rights story, Human and Dalit Rights Defender Ritwajit Das talks about why he stays motivated to fight against caste oppression.

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COVID-19 and labour rights in India

On 22nd May, a nationwide labour rights strike was held in India. However, the absence of media attention on the strike is a loud reminder of the condition of workers in the country. The workers are being blamed and demonised for their poverty and numbers. Branded as COVID-19 carriers, our system finds it easier to criminalise them than to address their needs.

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#PrideMonth: Jeeva - defending sexual minorities in India

This week, the NHRF will highlight the voices of human rights defenders who are working towards strengthening the rights of LGBTIQ communities across the world. NHRF's grantee partner, Jeeva, is an LGBTIQ-led organization with a mission to “Create a platform for sexual minorities to participate equally in society, build a sustainable livelihood, and attain quality of life, self-esteem, and dignity".

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Work against discrimination

Supporting marginalized groups to take the lead in their fight against discrimination is a core component of NHRF’s work. Read more about our work against discrimination in the year that passed here.

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COVID-19 in India: The most vulnerable are hardest hit

In India, the government responded to the COVID-19 threat with a national lockdown for 21 days. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, marginalized groups such as migrant workers, Dalits, daily wage workers and other vulnerable communities, are now left in an even more difficult situation than before.

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