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Work against discrimination

Supporting marginalized groups to take the lead in their fight against discrimination is a core component of NHRF’s work. Read more about our work against discrimination in the year that passed here.

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Annual report 2019

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund is proud to present our annual report for 2019, where we present our highlights, results and activities from the year that passed.

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COVID-19 in India: The most vulnerable are hardest hit

In India, the government responded to the COVID-19 threat with a national lockdown for 21 days. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion people, marginalized groups such as migrant workers, Dalits, daily wage workers and other vulnerable communities, are now left in an even more difficult situation than before.

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Sisters, Resisters and Persisters - #EachforEqual

In India, gender-based violence takes on unique forms as patriarchy intersects with caste, class, religion and sexuality. In time for One Billion Rising and the International Working Women’s Day, here is a snapshot of some women-led campaigns for justice in India.

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India’s contribution to the UDHR: A remarkable achievement

Indian leaders have long impacted Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations itself. Miloon Kothari reflects on how India has helped shape path-breaking human rights norms on an international scale.

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Video: The Norwegian Human Rights Fund for 30 years

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Have a look at our anniversary video to learn more about our work! Here you can hear from grantees from Colombia, India and Mexico, as well as founders and current day owners of the NHRF.

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