Safeguarding measures to prevent harassment

How can we ensure that human rights workers are protected from sexual harassment? The Norwegian Human Rights Fund has the last years increased our focus on addressing safeguarding measures to our grantees to prevent sexual discrimination and harassment in the human rights field.

In the past few years, women around the world have mobilized and united for their rights under the #metoo movement and have pushed recognition of and action on the pervasive violent systems of oppression of women through myriad forms of sexual violence. The campaign began by revealing the extent of sexual harassment in the entertainment business but has since exposed that sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence and discrimination are found in nearly all workplaces and fields of work, including human rights. Our view on sexual harassment is unambiguous:

We are working towards and stand in solidarity with those who work for a world free from harassment, gender discrimination and other forms of violence against women.

In 2019, the NHRF started to systematically address sexual harassment and safeguarding to our partners across the world during seminars in Colombia, India, Thailand and Mexico. Since 2018, the NHRF has supported more than 60 projects in 16 different countries, and the support increased in 2019 and will continue to grow in 2020. Eliminating sexual harassment and the systems that promote and enable it is a priority for the NHRF, and as such we expect all our grantees to ensure a safe environment for everyone working with them and involved in their work and to contribute to ending sexual harassment in any form!

Grantee seminar addressing safeguarding in Mexico, October 2019.

Download our note on safeguarding policies to NHRF's grantees here.

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