The logo shows a shape of a human in the middle, with circles beaming outwards as a "protection shield". This reflects that the NHRF focuses on the human in its human rights work, with a mandate to protect it.

The “protection shield” may express both a symbolic protection in form of solidarity and support by different actors such as local community, the larger human rights community, including. international network, as well as pointing towards legal protection mechanisms for human rights.

The circles reflect protection, but they are not shielding the human from being free. With its wavy outlines and gradient colors, the logo is organic – expressing flexibility, diversity & inclusion and courageous support.

The logo opens a new chapter of the NHRF’s history, as we are also beginning the year with our new strategy for 2021-2025. The logo also exists in Spanish and Norwegian.

Read more about NHRF's core values in our Theory of Change.