Vacancy open at our Colombia Office: Head of the Forest, Environment, and human rights programme - Full Time

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund – Colombia, is now looking for a highly skilled, proactive, and visionary person, with expertise in the areas of forest and environment, cooperation with local communities and civil society organizations, to lead the Forest, Environment and Human Rights Programme and join our dynamic country office team based in Bogotá.

About the position

During 2021 the Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) Colombia Office launched a new Programme for Forest, Environment and Human Rights, which work to support - for the following 5 years - through financial support and capacity building, different organizations and IPLCs (indigenous People and local communities), in their work for improving rights and contributing to positive change in the area of deforestation and protection of tropical forest.

The NHRF in Colombia will during the next years support around 75 Colombian partner organizations and IPLCS throughout the country.

Deadline for applications: May 15th.

Startup date: As soon as possible.

Duty station: Bogotá, with travel in country to be expected.

Timeline for the position: 2 years, with possibility for extension.


The position will lead, develop, coordinate, and supervise programme activities within the Forest, Environment and Human Rights Programme and its team in Colombia, following the NHRF mandate. The position reports to the Country Director in Colombia.

Programme development and coordination of the Forest, Environment and Human Rights Programme of the NHRF Colombia, including:

  • Develop and implement annual and long-term work plans for this area and the programme.
  • Development of strategic tools for programme management and results work.
  • Lead and manage the team of 3 Programme officers in this area.This involves both taking the lead on providing direction and guidance on the thematic level, as well as being responsible for personnel management of the team.
  • Responsible for all results work in this area: Coordinate and participate in the development of MEL-tools and elaboration of results analysis.
  • Elaborate internal and external reports, including donor reports.
  • Lead the NHRFs calls for proposals in this area and the selection process of new grantees, in close coordination with the CD.
  • Direct follow up and monitoring of some organizations in this portfolio in all phases of the project cycle and ensure the documentation of this.
  • Oversee, plan with the team all visits to partner organizations, including field visits.
  • Responsible for all documentation and program tools including grantee information updated in the NHRFs monitoring system (Induct) and assure it being correspondent to NHRF, donor standards, and national legislation.
  • Monitor, analyse, and document issues of concern arising during the casework with grantees.
  • Responsible for the organizing of trainings, workshops, webinars, and other events according to the plans/requests.
  • Represent NHRF in related national and international networks and in external meetings.
  • Adhere to NHRF policies, guidance, and procedures.
  • Readiness to be a part of the Colombia team and work closely with the Country Director to undertake additional tasks needed.

Professional qualifications and experience:

  • Relevant university degree, and specialization in relevant area.
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant work experience, of which 3 to 5 years in team leadership positions.
  • Proven experience in personnel management.
  • Documented concrete results related to job responsibilities.
  • Expertise in forest and environmental issues.
  • Knowledge of land rights, indigenous and afro communities' rights.
  • Knowledge of the current situation in Colombia in this area.
  • Excellent liaison, networking and communication skills, ability to ensure acceptance by different stakeholders.
  • Experience with donor reporting and donor relations.
  • Knowledge of the main concepts of monitoring and evaluation, quality control of organizations, and experience with MEL-tools.
  • Demonstrated experience with civil society organizations and working in partnership with local partner organizations.
  • Fluent Spanish and working proficiency in English, written and verbal.
  • Proficiency in Office 365 and solid computer skills.
  • Knowledge and experience from countries in the region will be positively evaluated.

Personal qualifications:

In this period of continued growth and development, the NHRF is seeking a person who is proactive, highly skilled, visionary and reliable. We are seeking candidates who can lead the team, contribute to the overall goals of NHRF Colombia and who is committed to be a part of a dynamic new team in Colombia.

We are looking for a person who shares our core values and keep these at heart when working with staff, grantees, and our stakeholders.

We strive to have a good working environment and welcome a positive attitude and sense of humour!

Work amount and conditions:

  • Full time from the office in Bogota, additional working hours to be expected at times with high work load.
  • Travel and field visits in the country must be expected.
  • Salary and conditions to be discussed with the suitable candidate.
  • If the candidate is of a nationality other than Colombian, it is expected that the candidate currently lives in Colombia and has a valid work permit. The position is not an expat position.

Please send your CV and a letter of Interest to The Norwegian Human Rights Fund to: by the deadline 15th of May. Please mark the e-mail “Head of Forest, Environment and Human Rights programme – NHRF Colombia 2022”.

The letter should clarify your motivation for applying and how your experience and background matches the NHRF’s list of qualification needed for this position. The letter should not exceed 1 page and should include at least two references.

We welcome and encourage applications irrespective of people's age, disability, sex, gender identity and expression, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or other personal circumstances.

About the NHRF in Colombia

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) works to protect and promote human rights internationally through direct support to organizations working in the first line of defense for human rights. The NHRF aims to be a flexible, courageous and global actor that provides direct support to local organizations. The NHRF supports organizations in 7 countries: Thailand, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Colombia. In 2020 the NHRF expanded its work in Colombia through the establishment of a Country Office in Bogota. The office is responsible for programmatic development of the Country Office’s work, as well as grant management and follow up of partners, strengthening and capacity building work, networking, strategic alliance building, communications and advocacy.

Amongst our core values are:

PUTTING HUMANS FIRST IN HUMAN RIGHTS WORK — Those experiencing human rights injustices are always at the center of our work, and we support their leadership in the struggle and when claiming their rights. The NHRF is uncompromising in practicing this principle, which in its application, has proven to have a multidimensional meaning — putting resources into enhancing grantees’ security, connecting grantees with relevant and strategic actors or organizations, building relationships to deepen our understanding of grantees’ work and its importance are some examples.

MUTUAL TRUST & ACCOUNTABILITY — Respect, transparency and a sense of mutual accountability between the NHRF and grantee partners helps build trust in our partnerships. It lessens power imbalances, reduces barriers to communication, and enables the NHRF to provide more meaningful support to partners.

SOLIDARITY & CONNECTION — Solidarity is an essential component to influencing change at all levels as we believe that change is not as simple as a top-down or bottom-up process. It is a long-term process involving historical and cultural roots, multiple actors from across the spectrum of sectors, opportunities, and (un)predictable fluctuations. Consistency in solidarity by placing the power and belief in the people claiming their rights and supporting their human rights agendas is essential. Connection through strong partnerships enhances our ability to respond to the needs of grantees as they adapt to ever-fluctuating environments.

EMPATHY & COMPASSION — Solidarity cannot be genuine without empathy. Empathy drives solidarity and action. Our belief in equality and that human rights must be realized for all drives our empathy to act and support those experiencing human rights injustices.

COURAGEOUS SUPPORT — The NHRF was mandated to be a courageous global actor that is willing to take measured risks with its funding so that we can reach innovative, remote, nascent, and/or other types of projects, movements, and organizations operating in challenging and complex contexts that typically find it difficult to secure funding. We invest in the resources needed to be able to continue to support courageous human rights work courageously.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION — We understand that diversity and inclusion, to the fullest extent of their meaning, are essential to creating transformative and sustainable change. The NHRF therefore strives to support not only a diversity of human rights work and organizations but also organizations that are diverse in the composition of their personnel and target groups.

FLEXIBILITY — Flexibility allows us to provide direct support to organizations with varying capacities that might otherwise be missed by other donors.

For more information about the NHRF: