Call for proposals: Labour Rights in Pakistan

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund is accepting applications from human rights organisations working with labour rights in the Sindh and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan.

Deadline for concept note: May 31.

Geographical location: Sindh and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan

Thematic area and target groups: Human rights, Labour Rights, work against discrimination and access to justice for marginalised workers and bonded labourers

Amount: 15-25,000 USD (max. 25,000 USD)

Project timeline: one year (12 months)

Deadline for concept note: May 31.

Project start date: september 2019

“Supporting workers access to justice in Pakistan”

About the NHRF

The Norwegian Human Rights Fund (NHRF) works to protect and promote human rights internationally through direct support to organisations working in the first line of defence for human rights. The NHRF aims to be a flexible, courageous and global actor that provides direct support to local organisations working for the rights of vulnerable and marginalised individuals and groups.

The NHRF has been providing support to various human rights projects in Pakistan since 2002.In continuation of its support to human rights organisations in Pakistan, the NHRF is opening a specialised and limited call for proposals for projects focusing on the human rights and labour rights of marginalized workers and bonded labourers in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan.

Please visit the NHRF’s website for more information:

You may also contact the NHRF’s local consultant email:

How to apply

Organisations working within the thematic area are invited to complete the eligibility quiz and submit a short (strict one-page limit) concept note that summarizes the following:

  • The organisation’s experience working in the field of human rights for marginalised workers and bonded labourers. Describe all links/connections to the target group(s).
  • A clear strategy that leads to the improvement in rights realization/respect for the human rights of the target group(s). The strategy should have a one-year outlook but should also include a brief narrative on a longer-term perspective (up to 3 years).
  • The methodology that will be used to implement the project.
  • A description of how the grant will help strengthen the organisation implementing the project.
  • The extent of female leadership/women in leadership position in the organization.
  • An overview of a one-year budget (can be included on an additional page). Please specify the amount for the 2018 annual organisational budget in a separate line at the top of the budget.

Organisations that meet the following criteria will be prioritized.


  • Organisations located in Sindh or Punjab
  • Organisations with an annual budget under 150,000 USD
  • Proven experience of working on labour rights in Pakistan
  • Projects where vulnerable and marginalised workers are organized
  • A strategic and targeted approach on structural human rights change and for access to justice for workers.

Other priorities:

  • Organisations with strong female leadership (e.g. organisations led by women and/or organisations with women in leadership (not only administrative) positions
  • Organisations that are led by the target group or that have a strong link to the community and have special competence in the thematic area of focus
  • Organisations that adapt an inclusive approach, for example fior gender, minorities and people with disabilities.
  • Organisations using methods that involve advocacy, targeted awareness raising, legal empowerment, and/or activism in marginalised communities. Proposed projects are not limited to these methods but must include one or more of these methods for the strategic implementation of the project.


The call for proposals will be open until the deadline of May 31st and the review process will begin one week after deadline. Proposals submitted after the deadline will not be considered. Proposals that do not meet all the listed criteria will not be considered. The NHRF is a small organisation with limited administrative capacity to respond to the expected volume of received proposals, therefore organisations that have not been selected to move forward in the application process will not be contacted. Please do not contact the NHRF regarding the status of your proposal as you will not receive a response.

Please register and start the application at the NHRF grant portal.

Apply here

Register in the NHRF grant portal and submit the eligibility quiz (EQ) and a one-page concept note.

Deadline: May 31st, 2019