Storytelling from Human Rights Defenders


The NHRF has during 2017 worked with the MEMRIA team to collect stories of grantee organisations as well individual human rights defenders. The Memria platform has been an important tool to collect the unfiltered and unedited audio recordings of human rights defenders and grantees- and in this way, for us to be able to hear their voices, to feel their engagement and learn more about the work they do and their contribution in the human rights struggle. 

 In July 2017 a few of these stories where launched and shared. The NHRF will continue to work with Memria to collect hundreds of stories from human rights defenders in close collaboration with other human rights organisations- the human rights defenders storytelling project #IDefendRights will be launched in 2018. Listen to some of the stories collected. 

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Young human rights defender from Jerusalem

Listen to what inspires Sahar Vardi in her human rights work

Geeta Menon from India

Women hold up half the sky yet do not inherit the earth. Reflections after 30 years work on violence against women.

Peter Jacob from Pakistan

Of love and labour: My experience as a human rights defender

Rukii Fernando from Sri Lanka

Reflections on human rights activism