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Changes in local communities in Liberia

Interview with NHRFs local consultant Aloysius Toe

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Dalit women’s fight

In India, the NHRF supports projects where Dalits and other marginalised communities mobilise to defy the daily challenges within their communities.

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Support for Transgender Rights in Pakistan

Curtailed by longstanding traditions of patriarchy and social customs, transgender people in Pakistan suffer from exclusion, stigma, and abuse. Thankfully, the Good Thinkers Organization works to secure and protect transgender rights in Pakistan.

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Storytelling as a tool to advance awareness of human rights

"Where can we go to hear first person, autobiographical narrative accounts on important societal issues, told by individuals outside our own social spheres and without being mediated by a news producer or film director?"

Read Karen Schlesinger's blog post on why storytelling is important and how the Memria platform offers human rights defenders a platform to share their uncensored, unedited stories.

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Annual Report 2016

In 2016, the NHRF secretariat had 68 active projects running. It handled 110 new project proposals, of which 35 received support.

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